Busy schedules mean less time for your dog. Many pet parents don't have the time or energy to walk the dog before work and again when they get home. Dogs that don't get enough exercise quickly become destructive and obnoxious or worse, overweight and unhealthy. If your dog chews, digs, barks, scratches, whines, paces, or is just getting a little chunky, he would definitely benefit from more exercise. Our sitters will customize an exercise routine to fit your dog's specific energy level. We can combine fast paced games like fetch and chase with long walks or running. Or we can do slower, more leisurely walks for older or less active dogs. We are happy to walk in inclement weather!! Increasing your dog's exercise guarantees that they will be better behaved in your absence and calmer when you return home.

20 Minute Walks $20.25
30 Minute Walks 24.75
45 Minute Walks 29.25
60 Minute Walks 33.75
90 Minute Walks 42.75