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How do I schedule services with Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting LLC?
You can fill out the online form on our request service page, send us an email atspoiledrottenpetsitting@ymail.com or call 253-381-1736 to ask any questions or schedule services. Once you contact us, we will email or mail you the forms that must be filled out prior to the start of service.  You may then mail the forms back to us or give them to your sitter at your Meet-n-Greet.  Our Sitter Coordinator will get you set up with a sitter, and schedule your Meet-n-Greet.

How do I decide how many visits I need per day and how long they
should be?

We will talk to you about the number of pets you have and what your normal daily routine consists of.  We will then schedule visits or overnight stays according to how much time it will take the sitter to complete the daily chores plus spend quality time with each pet.  We want you and your pets to have a positive experience with Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting, so we will make sure that your pet’s routine remains as close as possible to normal.

Will I meet my pet sitter before I go out of town?
Of course!  When you schedule service we will set up an appointment for a free initial consultation.  During the Meet-n-Greet, your sitters will get to know you and your pets, and become familiar with your home and daily routine.  We will also collect two sets of keys and the completed forms and Service Agreement from you at this time.

What if my sitter has a personal emergency or becomes unavailable during my absence?
We are aware that people get sick and emergencies happen.  For this reason, when available, we will assign two sitters to your job.  They will both attend the initial
Meet-n-Greet so that they can meet you and your pets and learn the routine first hand.  This way, if the primary sitter is unavailable, the back up sitter can take over the job until the primary sitter can resume the responsibility.  The back up sitter will have met you and your pets and be able to come in and pick up where the primary sitter left off.  You won’t have to worry about strangers entering your home.  We will never send someone that you haven’t met into your house without your authorization.

How and when do I pay for my service?
At the end of the assignment, your sitter will leave an invoice listing all charges, along with a return envelope.  All you have to do is write a check and drop it in the mail.  We will take care of paying the individual sitter(s).  You can also pay by credit card through our Paypal.  Payment is due within five days of your return home.

What if my pet becomes ill or is injured in my absence?
Before you leave we will collect information about all of your pets regarding any existing or reoccurring medical conditions to watch for, as well as your veterinarians contact information.  We will have you choose an emergency veterinarian in the event that your regular vet cannot be contacted.  In the event of an emergency we will attempt to contact you first.  If you cannot be contacted, and we feel veterinary care
is necessary, we will transport your pet to the vet and stay with them until we receive further instructions.  All vet bills will be paid by you, the owner, upon your return home.

What happens if I come home early, or my return home is delayed?
We understand that plans change, people come home early, and flights are sometimes delayed.  We ask that you call us as soon as you return home to let us know that your pets are taken care of.  If you return home early, you will know when the sitter was last there because of the daily log.  We will only charge you for the actual visits made to your home, however, if you fail to call us, whether you are home early or on time, we will continue to make visits to ensure that your pets are cared for.  If your return home is delayed, please contact us to make us aware of the situation.  We will continue to care for your pets until you can return home.


Now Serving:
Most areas of Pierce & Kitsap Counties, and select areas of Mason, Thurston, King & Snohomish Counties.