Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting offers overnight accommodations for a variety of reasons. Some pets just require additional time, or cannot be left home alone for long periods. If your pet is used to sleeping in bed with a person, our sitters can fill that role while you're away. Additionally, having someone stay overnight in your house is a great theft deterrent.

When our sitters stay with your pets they will get the star treatment. Along with the regularly scheduled feedings, potty breaks, and other tasks, your pet will receive much more one on one time and attention. Dogs will receive longer walks, cats will get plenty of lap time, and other pets will receive more of that extra special love and attention they deserve.

We have three options to meet your needs:

10 Hour Overnights $68.00
12 Hour Overnights 80.00
14 Hour Overnights 97.00

Your sitter will arrive for the night at a predetermined time, and stay for the entire length of the overnight option you choose. The 12-hour and 14-hour overnight time frames can be adjusted slightly to better fit your schedule if necessary.

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