Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting is dedicated to providing your pets with the same high quality care and affection that you give to them every day. When your pets are in our care, they are treated like our own and we will go to great lengths to ensure their happiness.

Each visit with your pets will include regularly scheduled feedings and observation to make sure that they are eating regularly and feeling well. Your pet's water dish will be refilled at every visit. Dogs will be let out to potty or taken for walks as time allows. Cats and other pets will have their litter or cage cleaned and refreshed at each visit. We will take the time to check your house for any accidents or messes, clean up after your pets and take steps to assess the cause to prevent future occurrences. Each pet will get a generous portion of individual attention and playtime. We can administer most medications at no extra charge.

We will also complete several home care tasks at your request. Including, but not limited to, home security checks, bringing in the mail and newspaper, watering plants inside and out, taking out garbage and recycling, alternating lights inside and out, and adjusting curtains and blinds. Our main priority is to make sure that you can come home and relax with happy pets and a clean house.

Each visit includes a written log that will outline exactly what went on while you were away. In addition, we also offer the option of receiving email or text message updates from your sitters.

Since our goal is personalized pet care, you have the option of mixing and matching the different visit lengths to best suit your pet care needs.

Drop In (10 minutes or less) $17.50
20 Minutes 22.50
30 Minutes 27.50
45 Minutes 32.50
60 Minutes 37.50
90 Minutes 47.50
10 Hour Overnights $68.00
12 Hour Overnights 80.00
14 Hour Overnights 97.00
20 Minute Walks $20.25
30 Minute Walks 24.75
45 Minute Walks 29.25
60 Minute Walks 33.75
90 Minute Walks 42.75

*Drop In visits are 10 minutes or less. This option is only available for cats or caged pets that require no special attention. Not available for dogs.

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